"You don't get bed bugs based on your social status. Anybody can bring home bed bugs from work, a friend's house, or a trip "



Our experienced team can inspect and confirm the presence of bed bugs in your home, apartment, or hotel.


Our treatments are designed to eliminate the bedbug infestation in most times in one day.

Hotels and Apartments

We understand the challenges of treating bed bugs in hotels and apartments.

Bed Bugs Can Come From Anywhere

  1. Travel – Airports, Hotel Rooms, Taxis

The level of hotel you stay does not mean you are immune from bed bug activity. Bed bugs travel on people’s luggage and as they set that luggage down bed bugs will fall off and wait for the host. While hotels have developed methods for helping to detect a bed bug infestation before the next guest it is not 100%.

  1. Camps and Sleepovers

People come together a few days or the week. Kids will bring the bugs from home and leave some visitors behind.

  1. Afternoon Visit

Just by visiting a home or office with an infestation you can bring them home with you. Southern Seasons have been treating bed bugs for over 10 years. Bed bug treatments are more than just heating up the room or applying pesticides. The low cost treatments you can find do not look for the infestation but only hope they get them. By using a combination of heat and pesticide products we can assure your current bed bugs can be killed and eliminated. We work with you to try and find out how they introduced so that you will not reintroduce new bed bugs after the treatment.

How We Treat For Bed Bugs

  1. Inspection and Pre-Consultation
  2. Development and implementation of appropriate bed bug elimination measures.
  3. Follow up after the treatment

We offer full home and apartment heat treatments. These treatments on a standard house or apartment can be completed in 1 day. There is no silver bullet or single treatment that is right for everybody. By constantly reviewing field data from all over the country we constantly update our procedures to reflect how the bed bugs are responding to treatments.

Our Bed Bug Elimination Services Include:

1. Up Front Pricing

2. No up charges after the treatment

3. 30 day no live bug warranty

4. Treatments utilizing latest field data information from national Bed Bug experts and researchers

5. Combination of chemical and heat treat methods to ensure elimination

6. Inspection before and after treatments.

7. Consultation to find out source of the bed bugs

8. Discreet Treatments (We do not show up with bed bug advertisements on our trucks or equipment)

9. Paperwork to document infestation and treatment

10. There are not any up or surprise charges on our treatments. We quote a complete upfront price before the work begins.






Bed bugs were a common problem in the US through the WWII era. Use of products such as DDT and Malathion caused this pest to be virtually eradicated in the US starting in the 1940’s and 1950’s. Bed Bugs started to reemerge in the US and other countries in the 1990’s. They are believed to have reintroduced through people traveling internationally more frequently. The changes in pest management practices since the WWII era and chemical resistance in bed bugs have helped to fuel the resurgence. Bed bugs hitchhike from one place to another on people, bags, luggage, and other items. They are also spread through rental furniture, second hand furniture, old mattresses/ box springs, and infested delivery vehicles.


Biology and Lifestyle

Bed bugs live in furniture, mattresses, boxes springs, sofas, chairs, pictures, baseboards, and anywhere else they can fit. Most infestations are not found until the people notice bites on their body although you can get bit without knowing it. Bed bug bites are not usually felt by the person. Bed Bugs can lay and wait for their next meal for long periods of time. Some adults have been known to go 1 year without feeding. Bed Bugs typically like to live near their food source (you or a loved one) and will most likely be found in the bedroom or where you spend a lot of time asleep. Bed bugs tend to congregate together but do not live in a colony like ants or termites. Bed bugs are most active at night because that is when the host is asleep.

Females glue their eggs to hidden areas and take 3-5 days to hatch. The eggs are white in color and hold one bed bug per capsule. A female can lay 200-500 eggs in a 10 month period but only lays 3-8 at a time. They reach an adult stage in 35-48 days. Bed bugs can survive cold temperatures but succumb to heat over 113 Fahrenheit after 30 minutes. Steam applied properly and at the right temperature can kill bed bugs on contact. Bed bugs are ¼ inch long, are very flat, and can be identified by their fecal matter, skin casts, eggs, or a specimen. They can be found in one stitch of sewn fabric on a mattress.

Bed Bugs lay and wait in hiding for the host to arrive which is usually you but in a pinch they will bite the family pets.

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